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Maître de conférence


From technical knowledge to professional practices, students will get a broader perspective in viticulture and enology, with particular focus on sensory analysis.

Our Bachelor’s degree in Viticulture and Enology will allow graduates to:

> Become a skilled professional in the global wine industry
> Participate in projects related to international viticulture and winemaking techniques
> Provide  technical advice  and support to other wine industry professionals
> Acquire specific knowledge  in sensory analysis


– Grapevine physiology
– Ecophysiology
– Vineyard management


– Transforming grape juice into wine (fermentation science)
– Aging
– Bottling


– Tasting rules
– Physiology of taste
– Varietal, fermentative and ageing aromas
– Off odours

6 MONTHS / Bordeaux Sciences Agro & EPL Bordeaux Gironde

2 WEEKS / AgroSup Dijon (Burgundy)

2 WEEKS / Montpellier SupAgro

1 WEEK / Ensat Toulouse

10 months including a 3 month internship in a winery/vineyard. Format : Full-time.

>>> Completed 2nd year of undergraduate studies (equivalent to French “BAC + 2” Level or U.S. associate degree of 2 years) in biology, chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, fermentation and/or food sciences, agriculture, mathematical, and physical sciences
>>> English language proficiency at CEFR level B2

> Cellar manager
> Vineyard manager
> Technical consultancy, experimentation, control and auditing
> Managing projects for professional or public institutions and organizations

January 1st Online application opens (first call)
March 15th Deadline for first call applicants
April The decisions of the jury of eligibility for first call applicants
April By the end of the month preselected applicants will be interviewed via Skype
April 1st Second call for applications is open
May 31th Deadline for the final registration and payment of inscription fees for the first call
June 1st Deadline for the second call applicants (the recruitment period for the next batch is finished. The next recruitment period will open on January)
July 15th Deadline for the final registration and payment of inscription fees for the second call
Scott Hurrell, graduate of the Bachelor’s degree in Viticulture et Enology: