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Kees van Leeuwen

Professor viticulture

Jean-Philippe Roby

Professor viticulture

Gregory Gambetta

Professor viticulture

Isabelle Masneuf-Pomarède

Professor viticulture

Jean-Christophe Barbe

Professor viticulture

David Pernet



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The terroir in viticulture is not a mystic concept; it can be explained within the framework of agronomic interactions between the vine and its environment. Training course designed for international professionals dealing with the concept of terroir and the way to manage the vineyard in order to optimize terroir expression.


Students, wine estate managers, consultants in oenology and vineyard management, international wine consultants, wine company directors, oenology lab directors, researchers, etc.

This course includes form now a 5 days long second part in Burgundy (click here for more informations)

  • The concept of terroir in viticulture: definition and main factors involved
  • Viticultural soils
  • Viticultural climates
  • Vine water status
  • The role of nitrogen in terroir expression
  • Choice of plant material
  • Management practices to enhance terroir expression
  • Scale issues
  • The effect of soil and climate on terroir expression through different tasting sessions
  • Soil pit studies
  • Optimization of terroir expression via oenological practices


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