Equipe pédagogique

Jean-Christophe Barbe

Associate Professor Enology

Yves Le Fur

Associate professor

Axel Marchal

Assistant professor Oenology

Isabelle Masneuf-Pomarède

Professor Oenology


Bordeaux Sciences Agro


One key point in the decision-making process for winemaking, from grape harvest to bottling, is the capacity to diagnose wine quality determinants. The goal of this course is to give you up-to-date knowledge and to guide you in using this knowledge to optimize and control the winemaking process. The course includes various wine tastings and a visit to a Bordeaux “Grand Cru”.


Students, wine estate managers, consultants in enology and vineyard management, international wine consultants, wine company directors, enology lab directors, researchers, etc.

  • Updating your knowledge on wine quality determinants
  •  Diagnosing off-flavours at an early stage
  •  Adjusting your oenological practices based on sensory evaluation
  • Wine quality olfactory determinants
  • Wine balance gustative determinants
  • Sensory space and different wine styles
  • Diagnosing off-flavours to control the winemaking process and to optimize terroir expression
  • Wine ageing management


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